Through this new collaboration with the BNF, Inoui Editions illustrates its taste for the imaginary with a poetic plunge into the work of Oronce Fine and his heart-shaped world map.
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This cartographic projection with its whimsical geography reflects the uncertainties and hypotheses of the time: North America is still assimilated to a part of Asia, and a vast Terra Australis, a continent imagined to balance the globe, has been drawn in the southern hemisphere. The famous cordial engraving by 16th-century French cartographer Oronce Fine is reinterpreted here to wrap around the neck, refreshed by a bandana border.


78% Cotton 22% Silk65 x 65 cm Made in India

A versatile accessory, the Square 65 is perfect for effortlessly transitioning your look from day to night. Style it around your neck, as a chic hair accessory, or tie it to your bag for a pop of color.